Review of Devayanam homestay, Meppadi, Wayanad

Once we decided to explore Wayanad, we started hunting good budget accommodation. We liked two options; one was Peter’s Hill View Residency, Kalpetta and the other was Tea Route Holiday Homes, Meppadi. The managers promptly responded to our queries. After some research we realized that the homestay in Meppadi was closer to our places of interest in Wayanad and decided to make reservations there. But by that time, the holiday home was full and Surjith of Tea Route Holiday Homes, suggested us Devayanam Homestay. And, we went ahead with Devayanam.

The beautiful Devayanam Homestay. PC: Devayanam Homestay.

The homestay is run by a couple; Sreeja and her husband. They and their three daughters are very friendly. Despite the language barrier, they shared a lot of their experiences and stories. The homestay is just as shown in the pictures on their website. The environment is very pleasant. There are several plantations around and crickets’ chirping can be heard throughout the day. The hosts arranged for our transportation.

The ground floor is common area and has dining room and kitchen. The first floor is for guests and the top floor has their bedrooms. The first floor has a beautiful balcony overlooking plantations. The rooms were very clean and complimentary toiletries were provided. It was a pleasant experience falling asleep listening to the crickets’ chirping.

Tea plantations nearby.



The food was super delicious and very authentic. Everyday before starting out, Sreeja would give us flask of tea/coffee and when we got back tired after exploring and trekking, she had snacks and tea/coffee ready for us. The breakfast made of rice flour accompanied by coconut chutney was awesome. For dinner, once we had fish and it was lip smacking. I forgot the names of the dishes. For the first time, I had spiced coffee. The flavors of fresh ground coffee, jaggerry, ginger and other spices was very refreshing. They gave us spiced drinking water, as well. Apparently, it is their usual practice to boil water with ayurvedic powdered spices.

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The last day, Sreeja and her husband were kind enough to show us their rooms on the top floor. I must say that they are the best bedrooms I ever saw; it is beyond my imagination. The rooms have just concrete roof and no side walls at all. Thick bamboo curtains serve as side walls and these curtains can be pulled down if the wind gets strong. There was no need for fans or AC; the pleasant cool breeze was just cool enough. One can see the night sky and stars right from the bed. The kids’ room had one side wall and that’s their study room, as well; the best room to study ever.

The most beautiful memory of the trip was their surprise gift. We could not buy the famous home made chocolates and, we had little time to pack and catch our midnight bus. The entire family dropped us at the bus stop and were not willing to leave till the bus arrived. But the bus got delayed. We assured it was alright and upon our insistence, they finally agreed to leave. I was really touched by their concern. But within 20-25 minutes they were back! They went to their friend’s shop, woke him up at midnight, asked for home made chocolate and got it for us! We were simply out of words and did not know how to thank for their kindness.

I am definitely going back again to this home.

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